A Dozen luxuries

I was asked recently by a lifestyle magazine what my favorite small luxuries are-----I gave them 10 but there were more, so here are a baker's dozen that I can't live without (or wouldn't want to!)
Dark chocolate from Sant Ambroeus in NY---they are paper thin and melt in your mouth---a great way to have something satisfying after lunch or dinner that isn’t too fattening!
Peet’s decaf Sumatra coffee beans, freshly ground---since I can’t drink caffeine, this is a delicious substitute in the mornings---it smells divine and tastes as though it has caffeine.
Replenix Eye Cream---it actually does what it says it will do---reduces puffiness and refines fine lines because it contains retinol for the lines and green tea for puffiness. I use it first thing every morning, and at bedtime.
My dog Sweetie---she is small, but I don’t consider her a small luxury---she is a necessity because she brightens every one of my days!
At least one night a week at Nobu---either eating there or taking out. Freshest sashimi in Dallas and worth the money. My favorites are salmon sashimi with wasabi and jalapeno sauce and New Style. Vickie Ko always helps us there and she makes the dining experience so much fun! We take out of town friends here and Vickie always remembers what they ordered when they return. This is where my entire office staff wants to have our Christmas dinner every year.
Our house outside of Dallas----this is not exactly a small luxury, but just going there is so relaxing---this is where I do my best thinking and am the most creative. I consider it a necessity, not a luxury. I love that it takes one hour from my office or our Dallas townhouse to get there and yet it feels so far away once I’m there.
The Harrison Coffee Table from my furniture collection---not exactly an inexpensive luxury, but one that will last forever and always makes me happy when I look at it with all of my favorite books and other small collections. If you think about the fact that you will have it over many, many years, it’s not too expensive after all.
Macbook Air---I know most people would say their iPad, but I love to writewherever I am and typing is so easy on the Air and it is light and can go anywhere. That said---I do love to read on my iPad when traveling.
The Row’s school boy blazers---I own them in several colors and travel with them all---they are comfortable, chic and work with jeans or dressier pants/skirts. I have the most comfortable Jil Sander pants that look great with them. Every time I pack, these pieces are in my luggage. It’s so easy each season to pick 5 great outfits for day and night (5 total) and travel with those each season. When I’m busy, it’s all about simplifying!
My daughter, Elizabeth’s jewelry---this is not a shameless plug---I really mean it---her jewelry works so well with everything I wear from daytime to evening.
Find these Mariposa Earrings at http://www.elizabethshowers.com/jewelry/1,3,21/
Holland and Sherry cashmere throws---I have them on every sofa I own so that I can take a nap. They are 4 ply and feel like heaven! Most of my clients own them, too.
Almost anything from The Meadow in NY---last year our most delightful Christmas gift was a box from our friends, Cindy and Howard Rachofsky of their favorite epicurean finds---they are foodies like we are. Most of the items came from The Meadow----wonderful gourmet salts, great salty caramel chocolate combinations and unusual flavors that worked so well together. Check out their website at http://www.atthemeadow.com/shop/
An oxygen facialonce a month (would do one every week if I had time, which I understand Madonna does) with Michelle Dow at Advanced Facial. Even if I have gone in with tired, sallow skin, I come out looking like a new person!
Would love to hear what your favorite small luxuries are---go to http://www.janshowers.com/Blog/
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