Best of 2012

Claire Danes in Homeland
 I usually write about the “Not So Greats” along with the Greats, but the ones I thought of are redundant and if you read my Notebook on a regular basis, you would be bored. So, this year is all about things I lovedor liked
And, since this Notebook is meant to be fun and amusing and in no way about anything terribly serious, this list will not include anything about geopolitics, my world view or anything remotely political. You can find those opinions in your favorite broadsheets or online news posts or cable television ad nauseum. Let’s have fun
Mad Men Season Five----With one caveat---Not sure what Matthew Weinerwas up to making January Jones wear a fat suit, but it certainly seems he doesn’t like her much in fact, I heard that from a producer in L.A. I thought this was the weakest plot line of the fifth season and who wants to see JJ in a fat suit---certainly no one I know---men or women.
Gone Girl----This is one crazy, cannot put it down read! Can’t wait for the movie---Reese Witherspoon has purchased the rights.
Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel movie-----Really wonderful documentary you shouldn’t miss, and loved meeting Lisa Vreeland at Forty Five Ten for her book signing of the same name.
Francis Kurkdijan Laundry Products------This discovery has been a big hit----makes everything you wash smell like heaven. The candles and room sprays are great as well, and very long lasting. The candles make lovely gifts and they are long burning. You can buy them at
The Jackie Kennedy Onassis Tapes-------A fascinating look inside her life with JFK and the politics of the 50’s and 60’s. Note the ambient noise in the tapes----also very interesting.
Max Anderson----Max Anderson took over the reigns as the Director of the Dallas Museum of Art in January. His work there has been astounding and his outreach to the community incredibly impressive.
It was Max’s idea to have not only free admission to the museum, but free membership as well. The DMA is the first museum ever to offer free membership. There are many advantages to being a member so this was a groundbreaking moment.
Made in America------This is the best trend ever! Car companies and even computer companies are bringing manufacturing back to the US. We produce all of our furniture for Jan Showers Collection in Dallas. I can’t say the entire collection is made in the U. S. because the glass lamps are made in Murano, where glass making is an art---manufacturers in Asia have tried to copy it, but there is no comparison. 
Kate and Andy Spade's New York apartment via Habitually Chic 
Undecorated Trend in Decorating------“Undecorated” design has always been my favorite---the overdone look is so out of control. There is lots of talk about the New Traditional, which is really in the air I’m breathing these days. We’ve had so much mid-century and Hollywood Regency for the last few years----It is everywhere at every level. Traditional done in a modern and fresh way feels so right these days.
Klyde Warren Park------How fabulous for Dallas! I am so thrilled to see how many people are enjoying it and know that it will make the Arts District so much more accessible.
Perot Museum of Nature and Science------Designed by Thom Mayne, the Perot is both an architectural and educational gem to add to Dallas’ amazing cultural growth.
Homeland------I am obsessed and can’t wait for Season 3. If you haven’t watched it, Season 1 is a bit better than Season 2, but you won’t be able to stop. Claire Danes is an American treasure.
Lincoln---I have to see it again! I read Team of Rivals and this movie is definitely equal to the book. Daniel Day Lewis’ performance made me feel as though I knew Lincoln and I grieved for his loss. Sally Field, James Spader and Tommy Lee Jones also give outstanding performances.
Small Movies Not to Miss 
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen-----watched this on a plane coming back from Europe and fell in lovewith it. It's funny and smart and (full disclosure) I am a HUGE fan of Emily Blunt and Ewan McGregor. I will watch any movie either of them are in. 
Your Sister's Sister----I had never heard of this one until I read that one of the NYTimes movie critics thought Rosemary DeWitt should be nominated for an Oscar for it. So, I rented it. It's fun and terribly unexpected.
Another Emily Blunt film, but must say that I did love De Witt's performance as well. 
Beasts of the Southern Wild---This one is hard to describe---you will either love it or not, but how you could not love Hushpuppy is beyond me. Nine year old Quvanzhane Wallis is a revelation and Dwight Henry, who has never been in a film before (he is a baker in Louisiana) is amazing as her father. It is a fantastical and altogether brilliant movie that puts you in the mind of a child and how she views the universe. If you let yourself simply go with it, you will be enchanted.
 I know you are thinking of all of the great things in 2012 that I left out. I welcome your comments. Just go to our website and post them---can't wait to see what your favorites are! 
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