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The Bradshaw chair in front of the Sanderson screen
Almost a year ago, I hired Mackenzie Schriber---she started out as my personal assistant, but I soon realized that she was a social media guru as well as a great idea person. She thought it would be a good idea for me to share things I am interested in on my Facebook page. So we started “Jan’s Daily Digs

Since that time, Daily Digs has generated more interest that almost anything we post and Mack is now Showroom Manager at JSA on Slocum as well as my in-house p.r. person and works with me on a daily basis posting on Facebook and Twitter.
I thought it would be fun to do a special Daily Digsfor all of you who read my Notebook----believe me, these are all over the place, some will be fun for men and some are just for women….
Brice Marden’s show at Matthew Marksin New York---the “Ru Ware Project---2007-2012”. Don’t miss it if you are in New York---better yet, make a point to see it!
Midnight in Paris---worth watching again for opening scenes alone—I have it on my DVR and when I want to be inspired by Paris, I simply watch the first 3 or 4 minutes.
Replenix Eye Cream---my favorite eye cream for small lines and puffiness----great for men and women----it really works because it contains retinol (for your lines) and green tea (for puffiness).
 St. Germain French liqueur---a tiny amount of this is great in a glass of champagne or in a Mojito style drink, and you should have it on your bar just because the bottle is so beautiful.
Hyanciths---I love the fragrance---they always remind me of early spring. I like them in bunches, not mixed with other flowers.
Nivea A Kiss of Shine lip gloss in a tube----it’s great over any color lipstick.
Maison Francis Kurkdijan Aqua Universalis---the best detergent for your linens and other washables…..wonderful scent and does the job! You can buy online or from Neiman’s website.
Elizabeth Showers Mariposa earrings---I wear them with everything! They are beautiful, flattering and I love the way they move because they are in 3 sections.
Tom Ford’s Jasmine Rouge fragrance for summer nights.
Derek Blasberg’s book, Classy: Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady---all young girls and quite a few older ones should buy this book, read it and do what he says!!! Thanks, Derek----I couldn’t have said it better….I’m giving it to my granddaughter in a couple of years.
Mad Men---I know, I know---you are thinking I should get over this, but with this season’s amazing scripts---hats off to Matthew Weiner---his writing talent and the acting talent of John Slattery, Jon Hamm, Vincent Kartheiser, Christina Hendricks and Elizabeth Moss. I thought episode 5 was genius---both the writing and the directing (by John Slattery/Roger).
Magic City—This is a new cable show on Starz---I love the time period---it’s not as good as Mad Men, but still fun to watch. Try it---you will at least see lots of sexy men and women and hear great late 50’s music---Sinatra, Dean Martin, etc. And, you will probably wish that Miami was more like it was in this time period.
Carbone's---this new eatery is so close to my house----it’s owned by the Barsoti family (Nonna and Food Company). You can eat there or take out. The food is wonderful! Such an exciting addition to the restaurant scene in Dallas. They also have a small epicurean area with all Italian selections such as olive oils, tomatoes and their homemade pastas.
Vintage chairs made new again with great details---These fauteuils were purchased on my most recent trip to Paris. We kept the original wood and French back. We added black patent upholstery and nailheads on the front and a Pierre Frey stripe on the back. They are fun and glamorous! They look fabulous in our showroom.
Your Daily Digs----you can go to janshowers.com, then to “Blog” and post your daily digs in the Comments section at the end of my post. I would love to get some great tips from all of you!
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