Enough already and give me more

Isn’t it crazy how all of a sudden something becomes Enough Already, and other things are Give Me More!
Sometimes, there is just a little feeling in the back of my brain that I am over something---and then all of a sudden, I know—it’s over, or maybe in some instances—just give it a rest.
Then, there are times that I simply cannot get enough, and I become completely obsessed.
My Current List
Faux ivory lacquer
Faux Ivory Lacquer---- I have loved true ivory lacquer for many years (I was using it in the 1960's), but it is becoming ubiquitous and over-used. It is beautiful when done correctly. However, I have seen many bad faux ivory lacquer jobs, particularly when someone tries to pass off high gloss white paint for ivory lacquer. It is not the panacea for every bad piece of furniture. People often use it as a way to cover up imperfections, which couldn’t be more wrong. My mother always said, “Don’t ever forget, dark colors cover a multitude of sins", and she was right!
Parrot green commode
By the way, that goes for parrot green paint as well.
Carla Commode
This is an example of appropriately doneivory lacquer from Jan Showers Collection.
Parchment chair
I am loving a parchment finish that is simply perfect for a light finish in any room.
It was quite popular in the 1940’s and I think it’s time has come again.
Lanvin Spring 2011
Lanvin Dresses----I always feel great in an Alber Elbaz fitted dress.
Bubble skirt
Over bubble skirts---I have never worn one and never will. Same goes for dirndls(even the name is horrible).
JSC Venetian Series #2 lamp in Rouge
Rouge---A color to use in design that I am obsessed with for Fall decorating! Also, love it for shoes, bags and fashion accessories.
Hermes in Rouge
Hermes box
Enough orange already (unless an Hermes box!). There are exceptions, of course, but I have seen way too much of it lately as a statement color. I particularly don't like orange drapery----talk about looking dated in a year!

. Faye Dunaway in Network 

Can't get enough of '70's looks----Think Faye Dunawayin Network, Charlotte Rampling or Bianca Jagger, But Please----Enough Already of anything 80's---It was terrible then and is even worse now! That goes for both fashion and interiors, by the way.
Bianca Jagger “Le Smoking” c. 1975
Jim and Palmer
I love having copies made of old photos and giving them to family and friends.
Enough already of overdone portraits. I love to see candid shots of people in frames.
A Donald Judd Installation
Can't get enough of Donald Judd---Enough already from Damien Hirst.
Damien Hirst with his installation of a cow in formaldehyde
Kim Kardashian on the cover of People Magazine
People Magazine---was once a fun, guilty pleasure---especially when traveling (I love Newsstands), But now only reality tv people I don't know are featured----Where are Reese, Gwenyth and George these days?
Departures Magazine
Obsessed with Depatures and Vanity Fair----Always love the day they arrive in the mail, or, even better---When I find them in the airport earlier. (Vanity Fair releases early in NY and LA on Newsstands!)
2012 Movie
Anything to do with Armageddon----movies about the end of the world----done to death—pun intended!
Owen Wilson and Marion Cottilard in Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris
Can't get enough of a good Woody Allen like Midnight in Parisor almost any documentary film.
Bristol Palin on Dancing with the Stars
Bristol Palin---No need to explain---enough already.
Elle Fanning in Super 8
Elle Fanning---thought Dakota was great---Elle is outrageously talented with that extra quality---Charisma along with a fabulous sense of style.
Bar by David Hicks
Anything David Hicks—love---I am going to do a version of his bar on a table in our country house.
Lord and Lady Londonderry's Room by David Hicks
I am obsessed with Lord and Lady Londonderry'sroom done by Hicks in the 60's.
Louis XV style bergeres in black patent leather
Louis XVI style chairs in black patent leather
Loving black patent leatherupholstery----used sparingly as a dramatic accent in a room. An older designer I admired in my 20's always said that every room should have a touch of black, and this is a very chic, fresh way to add it.
Horrible black leather sofa
Having said that---Nothing worse than a black leather sofa! They look like a big heavy blob in any room!
An overdone outfit
Overly decorated rooms----why can't some things look like they just happened? It's the same in fashion—Something needs to be a bit off or unexpected (Maybe even a bit subversive) in order not to bore.
Shala Monroque-- always looks unexpected yet chic
Kate and Andy Spade’s Apartment
I love rooms that look UN decorated, even if they are.
Jennifer Lopez
J-LO----Some of you may be surprised at this one----but you have to admit, she always looks terrific and put together even in over the knee glitter boots and mini dresses. I would probably never have dressed like her, but I always like the way she looks. She is cool and confident and can carry off almost anything. By the way, she can really act when she chooses a good script----Check her performance out in Out of Sight with George Clooney.
Harrison Table
Architectural bronze and nickel----I literally just told someone, “I'm all about architectural bronze"---sick, but true! I am obsessed with the bronze Harrison Coffee Table and the nickel Harrison Drinks Cart.
I'm over bad reproductions attempting to mimic good designs.
tv in armoire
TV's hidden in armoires---why, with the cool way tv's look now? Jim and I have a 52” in our bedroom sitting on one of my custom Manhattan Tables. Jim calls it the drive-in.
William Morris print
Prints---I almost never love them. Whenever I see a bad one, I think of the story about Elsie de Wolfe'schildhood reaction to the William Morris print that her parents used in their drawing room. Quoting from her book:
She ran [in]... and looked at the walls, which had been papered in a [William] Morris design of gray palm-leaves and splotches of bright red and green on a background of dull tan. Something terrible that cut like a knife came up inside her. She threw herself on the floor, kicking with stiffened legs, as she beat her hands on the carpet.... she cried out, over and over: "It's so ugly! It's so ugly."
Must say, however, I never tire of most toiles, provided they are done in an over-the-top manner----walls, upholstery, etc.
A vintage Gucci Frame
Can’t get enough of chic vintage Gucci--- frames, trays and barware from the 1960’s.
Gold leaf frames
Enough already with the faux gold leafed framesthat look dated. Simple silver or leather ones are much more chic.
Of course, all of these are my opinions---I’m sure there will be those who strongly agree and strongly disagree---that’s what makes a post like this fun! You can go to www.janshowers.com and make comments at the end of the post!
Next Notebook will be Movie Interiors I Love. Watch for it soon.
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