Forty five ten

Front Entrance of FORTY FIVE TEN
About 12 or so years ago, I met Brian Bolke---he came to my house to do flowers for a photo shoot. While he was arranging, he told me about a store that he was opening. His concept was simple----offer clothes, jewelry, tabletop, cosmetics that are not available in other stores and that are of very high quality. His vision was nothing short of genius. Brian has a great eye and does most of the buying---when I pop in I always find something I can’t live without!
Forty Five Ten has become a national legend---it is a on everyone’s must do list when they visit Dallas. I know because my clients from out of town always ask me about it---it’s always Forty Five Ten and Downtown Neiman’s as well as the DMA and The Nasher.
Next Thursday evening, I will be co-hosting a fun event with Brian at Forty Five Ten honoring Lisa Vreeland. She is the granddaughter-in-law of Diana Vreeland, the famous editor of both Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. Lisa has written a book, The Eye Has to Travel, about Mrs. Vreeland and her influence on fashion and culture. The book has many, many images that have never been seen before from the family archives.
Lisa has made a documentary film with the same name. Here is a link to a piece Vogue did last year on the book and the documentary:
The Row, Fall 2012
There will also be a trunk show for The Row, one of my personal favorites---because it is such a timeless, classic line of clothing. It is extremely well constructed AND made in the USA!
Please join us at Forty Five Ten, Thursday, April 19 for this exciting evening.
P.S. You won’t believe how glamorous the new outdoor areas are!
The Patio Lounge at FORTY FIVE TEN
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