Guilty pleasure

OK, we all have them---it’s so much fun to know what other people will admit to as guilty pleasures that I thought I should tell you a few of mine. I keep hearing my friends talk about the Housewives  franchise. I tried Beverly Hills and just couldn’t do it.  Too scripted. When I became a grownup, I got away from women like that, so that is not one of my guilty pleasures. I won’t be listing Mad Men or Breaking Bad because what’s to feel guilty about? They are great shows with smart scripts, costumes and actors.
So, by definition, I have to feel really guilty about what you will find on my list.  
LAY’S POTATO CHIPS---have to admit that they are like a delicacy to me! I don’t always keep them around, but when I do, I will indulge, especially with a good sandwich.    
NASHVILLE----I started watching this because I like Connie Britton. I’m not a country/western music lover, but I like most of the music on this show. I’ve always loved Patsy Cline and Willie Nelson, and I’ll have to admit, Stand by Your Man by Tammy Wynette is pretty great, so maybe there was something lurking inside that I had forgotten about. Anyway, it is a typical network show, which in my book is not a compliment. However, if you record it, you can fast forward through the deeply weak storyline about the still struggling young Nashville musicians (ugh) and get on with Connie and Hayden Panettiere, who both surprised me---they are both good performers and sing all of their songs. AND, is there a sexier guy on tv right now than Charles Esten who plays Deacon? Check out the elevator scene---a lesson for you guys in how to, shall we say, get a lady’s attention?
ALMOST ANYTHING FRIED, ESPECIALLY CHICKEN---now, do I do this very often? No, but consider it a very special treat and cannot pass by a Popeye’s in an airport without either going in and ordering an extra spicy wing or at least wishing I had time to.      
HANDBAGS----love them and have since I was old enough to walk and hold one in my hand. It’s a problem and there is no more room in my closet even though I do give them to my daughters from time to time.
NEWSTANDS----speaking of airports---Jim likes to go to the Admiral’s Club, but I spend any extra time I have scouring any magazine that I haven’t read (that interests me). When I’m really desperate, especially on summer vacation, I might stoop to the Enquirer (and have).      
ONLINE SHOPPING---it totally relaxes me to look at shoes and clothes online. I don’t necessarily buy (although sometimes I most certainly do!), but it’s fun to look just to see what’s out there.  Since my thoughts all day are about interior design, it’s fun for me to focus on fashion---usually early in the morning (I am an early riser---5:45).  It is actually a passion of mine and my husband would tell you it’s one of my guilty pleasures. Huh---I don’t feel guilty.    
DARK CHOCOLATE----almost any that is over 70%. Even better combined with salty caramel. The best I’ve ever tasted is from Pierre Marcolini, but it’s hard to find in the U.S. If any of you know where to buy it here, please let me know! There are several other brands that you can buy anywhere---even Wal-Mart---that make me so happy as long as they are DARK.      
BIOGRAPHIES ABOUT CELEBRITIES----Ok, this one is hard to admit because I am an avid reader of what would be considered good literature, but I even read the celebrity bio about Tom Cruise by Andrew Morton, who wrote Princess Diana’s biography. I was in an airport (this seems to be a theme) and it was so tempting. In general, I love biographies and have read some pretty amazing ones, but sometimes it is just so fun to read odd things about the private lives of celebrities. This one is really hard to admit, but we’re being honest here.
  Elizabeth Showers 18k gold Tree of Life ring  
1960’s gold, turquoise and diamond necklace by Tiffany & Co.  
JEWELRY---lucky here, since my daughter is a jewelry designer, but I am also obsessed with estate and vintage jewelry and have been since I put on my mother’s clip-on earrings when I was probably 2 or 3.    
After previewing this Notebook, one of my friends pointed out that I was leaving out one of my obsessions that I don’t consider a guilty pleasure----I think anytime someone collects art, antiques or watches and small vintage clocks----these are collections, not guilty pleasures. That said, I guess it can become excessive and some might say that my collection of these items is just that.      
WORKAHOLISM---this one isn’t very healthy, but it’s true and I would be dishonest if it were not included on this list. I’m not sure why, but I do love what I do and there are so many aspects of it that it is easy for me to be working on one project or another at any time. I love to write on the weekends and pour through my books on design, photography and art for inspiration. I guess it doesn’t seem like work to me. Even when watching old movies (or any movie), I am always looking at the set design and have gotten some great ideas for furniture designs as well as ideas for doing interiors. I’ve written a Notebook on this subject. You can see it here.       
Now, if you are thinking that this is all Too Much Information about me, I won’t be doing another Guilty Pleasures soon, maybe ever.  
Some of my friends and family have admitted to these guilty pleasures:  
Watching Italian Film Noir movies from the ‘70’s
Going to see movies on a weekday afternoon alone
Searching travel websites
Apps obsession (so many that their phone might crash)
Watching shows from the Housewives franchise---all of them!
Vintage outerwear
TV Shows---Revenge and Scandal
Anything grapefruit---real or flavored
Bean and cheese nachos
Talenti gelato---Caramel Cookie Crunch
Watching Dateline
I would love to know what yours are----are you willing to confess? If so, go to and then to “comments”.    
P.S. I wanted to share the cover of my new book, Glamorous Retreats, with my readers. It will be published by Harry Abrams October 1st of this year! It is about second and third homes of my clients with projects from Nantucket, Harbour Island, Palm Beach, three from Colorado, three from Texas, Flagstaff, Marin County and Toronto----there are wonderful locale shots as well as lifestyle shots, and, of course, interiors.
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