Harbour island

We just returned from this wonderful little island in the Bahamas to celebrate our anniversary with our family. Jim and I had been to the Bahamas before, but this was our first time to HARBOUR ISLAND. I now see why it is the best kept secret in that chain of islands. Our daughter, Susanna, has been going there for 10 years with her family, and they all love it. That’s why we were there. And, to celebrate our anniversary with the entire family.
All the guys went spear fishing and snorkeling.
Jim’s starfish
Ben caught a lobster!
Islands, by definition, are low key---I would say that Harbour Island is the MOST low key of any. As many of you know who read my Notebook regularly, I adore St. Barth’s. These two islands are very different.
Harbor Island
ST. BARTH’S is volcanic rock with beach coves—the terrain is very hilly. Harbour Island is very flat and not nearly as large---the entire island is only 3 miles long. The beach is extremely long—great for walking---and the sands are a pale beige with a hint of pink.
St. Barth’s
There are many more historic buildings on Harbour Island---it has the feeling of an old fishing port. While St. Barth’s is French, Harbour Island was a British colony. The Duke of Windsor served as the Governor of the Bahamas for several years during WWII.
Crown Street, Harbour Island
Some friends from Dallas have completely renovated the DUNMORE BEACH CLUB---a great place to stay with cottages available on the beach. They also have a lovely restaurant as do the PINK SANDS and the CORAL SANDS.
Dunmore Beach Club
Another one of the best hotels on the island is the PINK SANDS.
Pink Sands Hotel
THE ROCK HOUSE---We ate here the first night---excellent food and overlooking the water.
Rock House
THE LANDING---This is my favorite place to eat on the island. They have the best breakfast ever and dinner on the terrace or veranda is simply divine!
The Landing
The bar at THE LANDING reminds me of Ernest Hemingway---love all of the old photographs on the wall. Great bartender….great drinks.
The Landing Bar
SIP SIP is everyone’s favorite place for lunch----the food is delicious and the menu changes daily. It is always crowded and they don’t take reservations, so go for a long walk on the beach and eat a little later. Lots of fun!
Sip Sip
Just had to take a picture of the PIGLY WIGLY sign----largest grocery store on the island.
Pigly Wigly
INDIA HICKS has a wonderful shop on Bay Street called THE SUGAR MILL TRADING COMPANY. Her partner Linda Griffin was there and we had a great time shopping with her. They have fun things that you can wear on the island or at home.
Sugar Mill Trading Company
BLUE ROOSTER---Another great place to shop on the island---they had a wonderful selection of jewelry, clothes (mostly island style) and some really stunning pearl necklaces and bracelets.
Blue Rooster
This is what we saw every night from the veranda at the house---great way to end the day!
Sunset at Little Bay
More later this summer from California!
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