Ten things to do this summer

As I’ve written several times in my Notebook---I love summer! I think most of us do. I thought it would be fun to write about some things that would be interesting to do in the summer of 2011.
The Man in the Rockefeller Suit by Mark Seal----I was lucky to get an advance copy---you will not put it down. Mark is a terrific writer and this is a compelling read. Don’t miss it!
The Greater Journey Americans in Parisby David McCollough---Cannot wait to read this! McCollough is a gifted historian and brings special insights to each of his subjects. His books on John Adams and Harry Truman are remarkable. This book focuses on the influence France had on the cultural history of the U.S. As McCollough says, history is not just about politics—it is also about art, music, poetry, theater, etc.
Twenty Thirtyby Albert Brooks---Can’t wait to read what Brooks thinks we will all be doing and how we’ll be living 20 years from now. This is not science fiction---it’s Albert Brooks!
The Churchills by Mary S. Lovell---I loved THE SISTERS which was written by this author. Truth is really stranger than fiction. No one could make up the story of the Mitford sisters and no one could make up Winston Churchill.

Highway 1
My daughter, Elizabeth, says that when she is flying, she feels like she’s working. I know the feeling! I love to be near water, so we are going to Harbour Island to celebrate our anniversary with our entire family in June (this is a big anniversary so we are celebrating all year!), to Malibu for a couple of weeks late June and early July, then on a California road trip in August--had to talk Jim into this one---we are flying to CA and leasing a car, then driving from San Francisco to Napa to Big Sur to Montecito and then to L.A. We’ve done it before, but it’s been a long time.
Colorado Mountains
There are so many great road trips from Dallas. Santa Fe or almost anywhere in Colorado will get you out of the Texas heat and allow you to stay out of airports with all of the summer travelers. Enjoy the OPEN ROAD---audio books are so nice for these kinds of trips.
I’m sure no matter where you live, there is a good road trip. To me, a road trip is any trip that requires at least one night on the road, usually two.
Things usually slow down in the summers----catch up with friends by calling or visiting them. I find that summer is a great time to do this.
Art of the American Indians: The Thaw Collection at The Dallas Museum of Art
Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty at The Metropolitan Museum
Picasso and Braque: The Cubist Experiment, 1910-1912 at the Kimbell Art Museum
Your children (and you) will love ART OF THE AMERICAN INDIANS: THE THAW COLLECTION at the DMA this summer.
There are always wonderful museum shows during the summer months---what better way to spend a day off than in the INSPIRING and COOL surroundings of an art museum? Or an art gallery?
Midnight in Paris
Fall is really my favorite movie period---that’s when all of the Oscar contenders are released, but summer blockbusters can be fun as well. This summer, I’m particularly excited about MIDNIGHT IN PARIS. Woody Allen takes us back in time to Paris of the 1920’s.
I’ve wanted to eat at Lucia since it opened, but with all of the travel we do on business, have never gotten around to it. From what I hear it is booked 60 days in advance. We will try it this summer along with several other restaurants.
This is something I forget to do----my daughters are much better about it than I am. This is my summer to be the photographer!
I always love doing this, but the summer fruits and vegetables are so superior to other times of the year, especially in Texas. There is nothing better than a sliced vine ripened TOMATOES, unless it’s a bowl of fresh PEACHES. And, who can forget freshly picked corn on the cob, okra…..I could go on and on.
Just bought this one and it looks interesting and personal. Apparently, Gwyneth loves to cook and eat!
JSC Harrison Bar Cart
JSC Hudson Chair
When I have time to think and reflect, I love to make future PLANS. This fall we need to do some minor redecorating at our country house, so will work on ideas and get them finalized so I can schedule painters and order a couple of things. It’s always best to place orders in the summer as orders can get quite backed up in the fall.
We are already planning our fall look for the Dallas showroom with all of the new pieces from PARIS and NEW YORK. They are being refurbished now and will begin coming into the showroom in June---please stop by if you are in Dallas. We will have the complete showing of them in mid September, and will announce that in a Notebook entry, so watch for it!
JSC Audrey Slipper Chair 
Shell print in parchment frame 
Pair of coral Murano lamps, c. 1950
We are having our first ever WAREHOUSE SAMPLE SALE. Each year we bring back samples from our showrooms all over the U.S. and they end up in our warehouse. They are wonderful pieces, but do not need to sit in a warehouse! Many of them were in our Showhouse at The Ritz in Dallas last year.
Plan on getting great deals on June 13, 14 & 15 at our WAREHOUSE on Parkhouse…just off Riverfront (Old Industrial).
Here is a map:
Eliza---School’s Out!
I will have fewer posts this summer, but there will be at least a couple, so watch for them. For sure I will be doing one on Harbour Island and our Pacific Coast Highway trip.
It would be great to hear about what you are doing this summer---take and minute and let me know in the comment section on my website.
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