The best of 2010 --- faves and not so much

One of my favorite things---new Kyle Bunting rug in our townhouse
The NEW YEAR always make me think of things I loved last year---also, some things, that---how can I say it---NOT SO MUCH! 
BEST OF 2010 
INTERIOR DESIGN continues to become more sophisticated---the public loves it and continues to BUY SHELTER MAGAZINES. Those publications that have survived continue to get better and better. I still mourn the loss of SOUTHERN ACCENTS, DOMINO and MET HOME.
THE iPad---another brilliant creation from APPLE. It’s all you need in your handbag (other than lipstick).
SMYTHSON iPad COVER---lots of great ones out there---this one is my fave.
MAD MEN---SEASON 4---watching Don Draper self-destruct was tough, but the acting was incredible. JON HAMM deserves the Emmy this year for Best Actor is a TV series for sure. The COSTUMES and SETS continue to intrigue me.
QUALITY---my clients deciding that quality matters more than quantity. This has always been the case, but during the recession, some thought that buying down market was smart. Now they are ready to dispose of these pieces and replace them with finer ones. I loved the SUTHERLAND ad with the cheap chair going into a dumpster---BRILLIANT! 
 JS Collection Antibes Chair
DRESSES---I love pieces---jackets, wonderful blouses, etc., but dresses are so easy and great for travel. All the good designers had lots of them in their collections, both for spring and fall.
L’Wren Scott Roland Mouret
Valentino Victoria Beckham
NEW FASHION HOUSES TO LOVE---the return of Phoebe Philo to the fashion scene at CELINE, with her clean and simple classic lines, was a welcome relief to all of the draping and poufing that has been so prevalent in the past couple of years. Of course, everyone is now copying her and there is an over abundance of camel.
The Olsen twins shocked me for sure with their wonderful collection called THE ROW---those girls do design their own collections and are certainly talented designers. There are many great pieces that are made of high quality fabrics at a relatively reasonable price. The pieces I’ve purchased of theirs will be in my closet for years.
The Row
THE NEW JAN SHOWERS WEBSITE---we spent most of 2010 working on it and tweaking it. THE OLD STATE did a superb job and it was fun collaborating with them.
THE DAILY BEAST---continues to be my go to website for news, gossip, fashion, the art world, books---you name it. It’s a great way to read the news, although I can’t live without my NY Times every day. Watch for the new NEWSWEEK/DAILY BEAST since Barry Diller (who owns Daily Beast) bought the troubled magazine. TINA BROWN will edit both and she is nothing short of brilliant in my opinion.
ART---even in a down economy with many budget cuts, museums managed to curate great shows in 2010. The DALLAS MUSEUM OF ART was a standout with The Lens of Impressionism: Photography and Painting Along the Normandy Coast, 1850–1874 and the stunning Luc Tuymans show.
Gustav Le Gray, The Brig, ca. 1856
Luc Tuymans 
BOOKS---I discovered ROBERTSON DAVIES this year and read 5 of his books---his writing style is unlike any other, and he is a great storyteller. The Deptford Trilogy is the first group I read, then Bred in the Bone which is book 2 of the Cornish Trilogy (it stands on its own), then the other 2 in that series. He creates such unusual, fascinating archetypes---simply intriguing!
STEVE MARTIN’S book, An Object of Beauty is still on my mind as I finished it during just at the end of the year. I think it’s his best book, and certainly about a subject I am enchanted with---the art world. I love the way he placed the colored images of the art throughout the book---no need for pages of unnecessary description. The main character, Lacey, is quite a piece of work!
MOVIES---most of you know that I love movies---classics and new ones with great scripts---I can pick one apart---I thought the script for Inception was terrible....I know, lots of people loved it, but my 16 year old grandson and I saw it together and he thought the script was bad. Guess everyone was watching the action, and there was plenty of that.
The King’s Speech
The Social Network
Two of the best of 2010 are THE KING’S SPEECH and SOCIAL NETWORK---both have great scripts, good direction and great acting.
The Black Swan was terrifying and disturbing, but a good film---NATALIE PORTMAN will certainly win the Oscar for Best Actress this year.
REALITY TV---how many train wrecks do people really want to watch when they could be reading or at least watching a scripted drama. I’m sorry, but this is a HUGE problem for us as a society. The housewives franchise is a showcase for women behaving badly. I will admit to watching PROJECT RUNWAY as I am amazed at how talented most of the contestants are---and, I love Michael Kors and Nina Garcia. At least these people are doing something constructive---I know, there is some drama, but it is not offensive in any way.
THE BP OILSPILL---This was a true disaster for the people who work on the gulf coast and for the environment. Let’s hope this was the wakeup call that we need to PROTECT our planet.
JEGGINGS---ok, they are cute on my 9 year old granddaughter, but not on anyone over 40.
POLITICS AND POLITICIANS---enough already---get along and get to work for our country.
SKY HIGH PLATFORMS---ok, guys, I’m talking about women’s shoes. I am a true shoe addict, but NO one looks good in 5”+ heels with 3” platforms---and, they cannot walk gracefully in them. I’m fine with platforms, but there is a limit. How many models fell on runways last year? If they can’t walk in them, who can?
PAINTED FURNITURE---I love a good piece of ivory lacquered furniture. However, I am seeing way too much of this happening. Painting a bad piece of furniture white (or ebony for that matter) will not make it into a good piece of furniture. Any room with great character always has a mix of painted and beautifully finished woods.
That’s it for 2010. Here’s to a happy, healthy and well designed 2011!
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