The september issue what i am loving now

Pressed Juicery
Pressed Juicery----great way to stay healthy---you can have a case delivered every week---great tasting and good for you. I never go on a juice or cleansing diet, but this is great for first thing in the a.m., mid morning and mid afternoon. They have to be frozen after 3 days, but still delicious. I order them online at They arrive in a refrigerated package. Watermelon mint is such a terrific mid afternoon pick me up.

Gucci Fall 2012
Gucci never looked better or more timeless. I’m in love with a navy pantsuit with black accents on the pants from this season---I’ll wear it forever. It’s classic but with that great Gucci edge. Paired with black suede pumps and a bit of detail on the heels, it has just the look I like to wear. I also love the way the Gucci designer, Frida Giannini, used solid black with chiffon sleeves---this dress reminds me of something from a Hitchcock movie.

 Spectrum, 1998. Richard Phillips 
Richard Phillips is 2012 Honoree at 2x2 this year.

The Rachofsky House
2 X 2---It’s going to be the best year ever. Go to and check out the 2012 catalogue. I’ve already noted 6 works that I would love to own. The art is always terrific. Not to speak of the fact that it’s the most funparty of the year thanks to Cindy and Howard Rachofskyand their generosity. A huge part of the reason the evening is so wonderful is that it is held at The Rachofsky House.
Cat’s Cradle chair and ottoman from Rose Tarlowfor David Sutherland 
Rose Tarlow has always been a favorite of mine---I am so excited about her new outdoor collection for Sutherland. The Cat’s Cradle chair and ottoman is incrediblychicand comfortable, too. I can’t wait to place this collection in an upcoming design project. 

Gucci lacquered wood and leather equestrian card box and cards, c. 1960 
Gucci snakeskin & brass frames with wooden backs, c. 1960

 Gucci nautical theme cocktail set, c. 1965 
Gucci Accessories---The sixties were one of the most stylish decades of the past century. That is why Matthew Weiner was so smart to create Mad Men---he knew the wealth of style from that period to be incomparable. One of my favorites from the sixties is the chic collections of accessories from Gucci. Their tabletop picture framesboxesbarware and trays are the epitome of style. We specialize in these pieces in my showroom. They are not easy to find and no one, including Gucci, has produced this quality in accessories since then.
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