Timeless style

When the world saw Kate Middleton in her wedding dress, she became an instant style icon.

Like so many political and royal brides before her, her grace and style has begun to inspire women of all ages.
Grace Kelly on her wedding day, 1956
Jacqueline Bouvier at her wedding to John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 1953
I have often found that interiors can be inspired by fashion. A stand-out piece of couture often gives me an idea for a fabulous room. Conversely, I also find that beautiful rooms can inspire personal style.
I have been following the new duchess’ journey in her first few months as Prince William’s wife. I am not only struck by her inherent style and beauty, but also by the example that she is setting for young women everywhere. In a world full of Hiltons and Kardashians, who take reality television to a whole new level of bad taste, Kate is a beacon of propriety and glamour. On a personal note, I am thrilled that Eliza, my 10 year old granddaughter admires this young woman.
In each house I decorate, I strive to create a timeless yet glamorous aesthetic. Kate achieves the same tone with her wardrobe. I thought it would be fun to compare her glamorous looks to some of our projects.
I was struck by how comfortable Kate seemed on her wedding day with the entire world watching. Rooms should feel this way too, glamorous yet comfortable.
Purple, Whether it’s used in decorating or fashion, always creates a bit of drama.
You know you’re in for something fun when red is added to a neutral palette.
I love decorating and dressing in neutrals. They are always smart and chic.
This blush pink bedroom is one of my favorites. It’s light and soft, but the different shades make a big impact. I felt the same way about Kate’s shimmery Jenny Packham gown. She looks like a princess.
This is one of my favorite rooms. It’s a library that was featured in Traditional Home a few years ago. The deep navy is glamorous and drastically increases the drama quotient. I like the look of the navy lace dress on Kate. Almost any accent color looks great with navy.
Kate’s yellow dress is classic. I feel the same way about this yellow accented room. Timeless!
I love using black or navy to contrast with ivory or white. It is striking. Kate looks smart in this dress by Alexander McQueen.
A few of my other favorite Kate Middleton looks….
Love this Alexander McQueen lavender gown. It’s simple and light, demure yet sexy.
Love her nude heels!
The secret to Kate’s great style is that she owns it! Your rooms should also be a reflection of who you are.
All photos courtesy of thedailybeast.com, girlsguidetohomelife.blogspot.com, formaldresses.name, sheknows.com, celebswedding.com, thursiwestli.blogspot.com 
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