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Talk about fashion is often about TRENDS----the latest trends for the current season and what the next “big thing” or “must-have” will be. Like any fashion enthusiast, I do pay attention to trends, but it is important to me in fashion, as in interiors, that what I wear or design will always be in style. I never wish to be a fashion victim---a fashion victim is someone who wears trends just because they are trends, whether they are suitable for them or not. This is the reason that I look to such style and design icons as Frances Elkins, David Hicks, Grace Kelly, and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Their style was always appropriate and looks as fresh now as it did then.
photo by Ron Galella
This iconic photo of Jacqueline Onassistaken in the 1970's looks as modern today as she did then.
I have picked a few trendsthat are big for fall. However, I have been careful to select the trends that I believe to be timeless----recurring themesin fashion and interiors that will last long after the lastest fashion magazines have been cast aside.
Mixing neutralshas become more prevalent in recent years and always look chic. I love to mix neutrals in unexpected combinations, like navy and chocolate. These colors compliment each other without competing for attention. I like to wear mixed neutrals, just as I would design with them.
Image via Marchesa on
Goldhas a richness that no other color can match---It creates instant glamour. Gold is best used with fabrics that emulate the same luxury----silks, leathers and fine linens are beautiful in gold.
Image via Yves Saint Laurent on
Contrast in design is important for so many reasons. It draws the eye in a way that subtle color combinations do not. Graphic black and white was very popular in the mid 1960’s with the emergence of Op Art. It makes a statement in a room, while remaining timeless.
Image via The Row on
Leatherconveys a luxurious aesthetic unlike any other material. It's wonderful on dining chairs, especially if they are vintage and the leather is original---leather only improves with age. They look current, yet add character. I love the timeless style of this caramel colored leather dress from The Row. It looks modern now but will look great ten years from now.
Image via Valentino on
Rouge, sometimes called oxblood is a color I have always loved. I have a vintage Hermes Kelly bag in rouge that I’ve had for many years and it still looks amazing with all of my clothes today. Rouge is a neutral--- it looks smart with brown, black, navy, animal prints and almost any fall color. It was a big trend for Fall 2011 and it is still everywhere this year. I added the Rouge lamp to the Venetian Series in JS Collection because it works well with so many colors.
Choosing vintageor vintage-inspired accessories.
There is something about mixing old and new that gives your look character. It says that your room or outfit has been thoughtfully curated--- not thrown together from one period or one designer. These exquisite turquoise Marilyn Earrings designed by my daughter, Elizabeth Showers,were inspired by a pair of estate pieces I own. They add such a glamorous vintage look to any evening ensemble.
Remember, trends are wonderful but fleeting. Try to use trends wisely, so they are timelessand never tired.
Editorial Note: All interiors images from Jan Showers Collection and Jan Showers and Associates.
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