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Each new year comes with a new collection. I love the fact that unlike fashion, we only present one a year! We are designing all year long---right now, my mind is on next year’s new product, but all of last year, our design team was creating the pieces you are going to see here today. For every piece you see here, there were probably 2 or 3 other ideas, or even versions made. These are the stars that made the cut.

The Tripod Table in Parchment
The Tripod Table in parchment is one of my favorites. Of course, it is available in all of our wood finishes, but I do love this parchment finish. We were inspired by an antique table from France. I thought it would be perfect as a lamp table, something that could be added next to a sofa or chair---you know I always say every sofa and chair deserves a table. The details are what make it special. The custom bronze fittings, small drawer and shape of the legs are elements that make it look like an antique, even though it is a new piece of furniture. All of our pieces are custom, so it can be made larger or smaller. In this photo, it is sitting next to our Salon Sofa. The lamp is the Venetian Series #3 in Moonstone.
The Bradshaw Chair in ebony with our Sanderson Screen
The Bradshaw Chair in Walnut
The Bradshaw Chair (named after one of our clients) is probably one of my favorite chairs in the JS Collection. It was inspired by a vintage find that we had refinished in ebony for the showroom. With the dark finish and a high contrast ivory mohair upholstery, the chair came to life. We had a huge response to it from our clients and customers so we decided to add it to the Collection. It is truly handsome and very comfortable. The ovals on the arms are hand carved and the legs have custom bronze sabots.
The Caroline Settee
The Violet Lamp
The Caroline Settee is not new this year---but a wonderful piece that was adapted from the Caroline Chair. The Violet Lamp is new and the color is so neutral----there is really no color scheme it doesn’t work with. I decided to add this color to the Collection after seeing a fabulous piece of violet glass at one our factories in Murano. I couldn’t get the color out of my mind and I decided that it would be perfect in a lamp! I think people often shy away from violet because they think it will overpower their room, but it can add an unexpected element, especially when mixed with amber, green, brown, yellow or gold.
The Moonglow Lamp
The Moonglow Lamp is a real star! You really have to see it in person to appreciate its scale and coloration. It was inspired by vintage Murano glass lamps in both style and color. We considered calling it the “Candy Lamp” because it looks like a piece of wrapped candy! It is highly opalescent and has the most wonderful oval shape with a custom rectangular lacquered shade. It truly has the WOW factor. 
The Louis Mirror
Our newest mirror is an oval soleil that is gold leafed---it is one of the largest I’ve seen at almost 5 ft tall, and makes such a stunning statementwherever you place it. I have considered adding a soleil mirror to the Collection for quite some time, but hesitated because there are so many already out there----There are none like this one! I love that this is not only oval, but overscaled. In this photograph, it is hanging in an entry above our Carlisle Console, which was inspired by an English Regency antique. The Marnie Chairs flank it and add another wonderful element with their white cowhide upholstery. HIGH GLAM!
The Sofia Chandelier in White and Gold
One of our new lighting pieces is the Sophia Chandelier in white with gold accents. This chandelier is more graphic and modern in white than any of the other colors (gold, clear and silver). Adding a white piece like the Sophia to a room instantly increases the glamour quotient. We think white is the freshest, sexiest look right now.
The Mirabella Lamp in White
Not sure if you can tell, we have a crush on white this year. Just as in fashion, white has become appropriate all year round. The Mirabella Lamp was in my original Collection and has long been a top pick by both customers and clients. We decided to add it in this year because I thought it would look great as a pair in a living room or bedroom---especially if the white created a contrast with a dark wall color.
Bradshaw Chair, Portofino Coffee Table, Hadley Sofa and Capri Floor lamp
I had to include this shot----LOVE IT! Hope you have enjoyed looking at some of our new pieces…..here are a few other new product shots.
Venetian Series # 3 Lamp in Lavender
The Capri Floor Lamp in White
The Carleton Settee
If you would like to have one of our new Look books showing the entire JS Collection, please email trista@janshowers.com.
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