Bluffview Residence

Featured in Papercity 2019 Dallas, Texas

Project Details

  • Project: Bluffview Residence
    Location: Dallas, TX
    Size: 3,000
    Architect: Svend Fruit, Bodron +Fruit

This 3,000 square foot modern home was built in 2014 in the Bluffview neighborhood in Dallas, TX. Svend Fruit of Bodron + Fruit was the architect. The home is almost hidden from the street because it is surrounded by trees and lush like landscaping. Showers clients realized they were now empty nesters so they purchased this home in 2016 after downsizing from a 6,000 square foot home in Highland Park. "My client has a sophisticated eye" Showers said "The key was finding a balance between what she already had and new pieces." The house was already modern and sleek and the clients wanted to warm it up a bit. This home has a beautiful mix of antiques and new pieces from my Jan Showers Collection.