Joe Cariati

SERENA LAMP - Shown in ivory
SERENA LAMP - Shown in Honey

The Artisan Series, Celebrating the craftsmanship of American artisans

The Jan Showers Artisan Series, launched in 2015 as part of Jan Showers furniture and lighting collection, celebrates the artistry and craftsmanship of American artisans.

Joe Cariati is an award winning artist, master glassblower, and mentor who has dedicated over 20 years to the practice of glassblowing in the traditional Venetian style. Joe's work is a synthesis of calculated pragmatism and essential beauty. His Los Angeles based studio produces thousands of elegantly minimalist pieces each year entirely by hand.

Together, Jan Showers and Joe Cariati developed our new striking and sophisticated Serena lamp as a testament to the value of surrounding oneself with beautiful and timeless bespoke objects.  Available in four colors, it combines Joe Cariati entirely free blown glass spheres with Jan Showers signature details - brass, Lucite, and handmade shades.