Paradise Valley

Featured in: Architectural Digest 2015 Scottsdale, Arizona

Project Details

  • Project: Paradise Valley
    Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
    Size: 9000 square feet
    Architect: Marwan Al-Sayed

A twelve-acre tract was acquired, thus marking the start of an eight-year project for Jan Showers and for Marwan Al-Sayed, the architect and his team.

Jan Showers and Marwan Al-Sayed collaborated well, and the Delaney's were involved in every interior design and architectural decision, as Mr. Delaney himself could easily have been an architect himself. He envisioned a house that gave the impression of a ruin converted into a residence.

Much thought was put into the selection of the exterior stone that also serves as the walls of the interior.

Interior design, creating an atmosphere of warmth was of primary importance to the Delaneys, so we selected light oak floors and used antique Persian rugs throughout the house to create an inviting ambiance in each room.

Eye-level lighting and the Delaney's significant art collection also contribute to a sense of intimacy and connection within the space.

Jan Showers imported chandeliers for use throughout the interior design of the house, purchasing each in Europe. Many of the vintage chandeliers were purchased from Marc Heiremanns, who is a foremost expert and dealer in vintage and antique Murano glass. The antique glass is a welcome juxtaposition to the stone walls and the soft texture of the rugs. The sculptural brass chandelier in the dining room is truly a masterpiece by Van Heeck that the Jan Showers team found in Paris.

Furniture completed the interior design, the house filled with fine vintage furniture, lamps, wall hanging, and accessories, primarily from France.

Their Paradise Valley property is the third full interior design project we have completed for the Delaney family, and it stands as one of the finest projects and proudest achievements of Jan Showers interior design career.